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At Synergy Tennis, we strive to enable every player to enjoy competitive tennis no matter what level he or she pursues. We have experience developing juniors who participate in local country club league matches up to USTA Level 1 national tournaments. We believe our role as coaches extends beyond technical and tactical instruction and aim to foster a love for the game by teaching the merits of hard work, high focus, positivity, dedication, and integrity. Our organized groups provide a fun and competitive learning environment for our players to develop these skills essential to success both on and off the court.

Tournament Training

For tournament players seeking to realize their potential, Synergy Tennis offers our Tournament Training Program. The program includes detailed instruction and training in all areas of the game: technical, physical, strategic, and mental. Players will work closely with coaches to analyze strengths and weaknesses in these areas and to map out a detailed and specific development plan.

Our Tournament Training Program consists of several invite-only teams. Each team practices in groups of eight players on two courts with two coaches. In this close-knit setting, we take the time to know each player and are focused on preparing him/her for success in the short and long term. For more information please contact

Developmental Program

Our Developmental Program is for players looking to develop the fundamental skills to play competitive tennis. We provide players the tools and pathway to develop their game so that they can ultimately pursue high school tennis and/or make the leap to tournament level play.

The program consists of small groups of four and multicourt groups of eight players ranging from red, orange, and green dot ball (10 & under) before moving on to regular ball training for our older players. New players are assessed before being selected for the appropriate group. For more information or to set up a player assessment please contact




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